Procedure for the manufacturing of a medicinal product for the treatment and prevention of diseases in the rearing of animals

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József Marek, DVM (1868–1952) “Veterinarian, Doctor of Philosophy, honorary and ordinary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Kossuth prize-winning university professor. He was a professor at the Hungarian Royal Veterinary College from 1901 to 1935, he was professor of internal medicine at the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of the József Nádor University of Technology and Economics, head of the Department and Clinic of Internal Medicine, founder of the discipline of veterinary internal medicine. His book on veterinary internal medicine, co-written with Ferenc Hutÿra, is a valuable handbook for veterinarians throughout the world.”
Zoltán Hegyeli, DVM (1887–1962), doctor of veterinary medicine, lecturer in vaccination against Swine Diseases, candidate of veterinary sciences, deputy director and later director of the State Institute for Vaccine Production in Phylaxia.
István Sántha, chemical engineer at Phylaxia State Vaccine Production Enterprise
(Right holder: the Hungarian State)

(Source: Hungarian Veterinary Pantheon)

Description: “A method for the preparation of a medicament for the treatment and prevention of animal rearing diseases. Its composition is: 10 parts by weight of liver extract prepared in a manner known per se, 10 parts by weight of brewer’s yeast extract, 2 parts by weight of peptone, 0, 5 parts by weight of analytically pure glucose and 0,5 part by weight of analytically pure NaCl are dissolved in 77 parts by weight of distilled water, the solution is cooled to 90-100 °C, the pH is adjusted to 7.4 with a 20 % NaOH solution and sterilised by heating to 120 °C for ½ hour and then cooling. ” Serial No: 146347

(Source: e-Research database of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, where the full text of the patent is freely available.

Year: 1952 (submission of the invention), 1959–1960 (publication of the patent)

Interesting: Articles by the inventors in connection with the patent.
Marek József, Hegyeli Zoltán, Sántha István: A szárított sörélesztőben lévő vitaminok és enzymek hatása a sertések szervezetére és az ezekből termelt szérum minőségére és mennyiségére. Magyar Állatorvosok Lapja, 1953. 8. 1. 3–8.
Marek József, Hegyeli Zoltán, Sántha István: Wirkung der in getrockneter Bierhefe enthaltenen Vitamine und Enzyme auf den Organismus der Schweine und auf die Qualität und Quantität des vom Schweineblut hergestellten Serums. Acta veterinaria Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 1952. 2. 4. 259–270.
Marek József, Hegyeli Zoltán: Szérumsertések okszerű takarmányozása. Magyar Állatorvosok Lapja, 1950. 5. 10. 295–298.
Marek József, Hegyeli Zoltán: Nem teljes értékű takarmány célszerű kiegészítésének előnye a sertéshizlaldában. Magyar Állatorvosok Lapja, 1950. 5. 10. 291-294.

Hepafex, the product based upon the invention received its marketing authorisation in 1957, thus Phylaxia started to advertise it in this year in journals. The following short news appeared in the journal of innovators (Újítók Lapja).
Source: P. Szabó József: Új oltóanyagok a Philaxiánál [sic]. Újítók Lapja, 1957. 9. 22. 8–9.

Hír a Hepafexről
Hír a Hepafexről
Phylaxia - Hepafex hirdetés
Phylaxia – Hepafex hirdetés









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